Love Part 2 by Colde Featuring RM, Baekhyun & Lee Chanhyuk

On May 4, 2023, Korean indie singer-songwriter Colde released a sequel album, ”Love Part 2,” four years after the prequel hit album “Love Part 1” and two years after his latest album release. The album captures Colde’s unique take on an alternative R&B sound that separates itself from the often upbeat, fast pace K-pop hits that have become popular in the West.

Colde Features RM of BTS, Baekhyun of EXO and Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU

Colde would make the tracklist public three days prior on the first of May, shocking fans with collaborations with stars from popular Korean groups BTS, EXO and AKMU.

The album’s second track, Don’t ever say love me, features RM of BTS, the album’s fourth track, Heartbreak Club, features Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU and the sixth track, When Dawn Comes Again, which was previously released in 2021, features Baekhyun of EXO.

Colde revealed that he wrote lyrics for 7 of 8 tracks and composed 7 of 8 tracks with the assistance of other musicians. The album also featured producers Twotriplex, Basecamp, Stally or Deuk in composing 7 of 8 songs.

Colde’s Director Commentary on “Love Part 2” Album

Colde also posted a director’s commentary on each track, giving fans an insight into the album’s creation and the meaning behind each song.

After Everything
There are things that are useless for any reason.
There are things that can’t be understand by anything.
“After Everything”
There is love that is enough with a single phrase.

When Dawn Comes Again
You come to me every day.
The sound of knocking on my heart after the night
No matter where I am, you find me.
Then you just look at me.
Listening to my words quietly.
It draws my memories blue.
That’s how I think of you.
When dawn comes again

Like a messy room, like scattered clothes
How nice would it be to be able to settle your emotions?
Those invisible emotions
No matter how hard I try
Emotions could not settle
So, I did the laundry and organized my clothes.
Shake off the old dust
Then get back in place

Even Though You Said So Easily
In our lives
We love each other
In the midst of conversation
We try to keep balance.
The weight of each other’s words
How dare could we measure it
Were your words too light,
Or did my fragile heart collapse because it couldn’t bear the weight,
My words with the water of your love sink more and more heavily.
You said it so easily

Sitting still, looking at the ocean
Have you ever thought of love?
We are an island in each other’s hearts
We faced each other like that
Became islands that can’t be reached
Then fell into the sea of love.
I’ll swim endlessly no matter how strong the waves are
To reach the island of you.

Don’t ever say love me
The two exchanged the one and only love
It’s the end of love when the two become individuals
that can never exchange love again
What’s left at the end of love
Is it the destruction of emotions,
Is it a wave of lingering feelings and longing.
Even after we get shattered
Even after we get so hurt
We say love again.

I’m Still Here
“How are you doing?”
“I still love that dish”
“I often walk there when the weather is nice”
“I always listen to that song in this weather”
It’s all the same
I’m still here
Except I don’t have you anymore

Heartbreak Club
People with broken hearts get together and comfort each other
What if we share our sorrows together?
If you’re struggling with past love and parting
I invite you to the heartbreak club.
<Application for joining a Heartbreak Club>
Reason for parting:
Areas of interest:

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