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Vacations New Single "Midwest" Is A "Crying in the Club" Song
Australia’s global hit rock band, Vacations, returns with a song featuring “a crying in the club type beat,” a fan favourite mood. However, “Midwest” puts a twist to their downcast style, the frontman Campbell contrasts his statement about the new single:...
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Foo Fighters: "But Here We Are" Album Review, A Wistful Goodbye
Last week legendary rock band Foo Fighters released their 11th album, “But Here We Are,” a 10-song 48 minutes long genre-bending story of grief that closes with a beautiful goodbye. The album has since received positive responses from critics and...
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"When We Were Younger," A Powerful Homage to grentperez's Youth
The 21-year-old Filipino-Australian artist grentperez released his long-anticipated EP “When We Were Younger” earlier this week. The EP comes months after Grant announced the project on April 25th. After facing writer’s block, unable to achieve...
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Current reviews of albums, singles and extended plays released in the past.

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GABRIEL by Keshi Review; An Angelic Debut Album
GABRIEL, Keshi’s latest debut album, was released over a year ago, in late March 2022, yet continues to gain new success with fans. On my first listen, GABRIEL was slightly disappointing; maybe it was Keshi’s use of various styles or how some songs...
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Covers by Deftones, A Metal Rendition of Beloved Classics
In an attempt to find new rock music from my favourite era of rock and metal stretching from the 1990s to the early 2000s, I stumbled upon Deftones’ 2011 compilation album, “Covers.” “Covers” was released on April 16, 2011, and was limited...
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