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Korea’s Heartwarming Band Wave to Earth is the Band to Listen to This Summer
In typical TikTok fashion, a three-year-old song by the Korean indie band Wave to Earth finds mass success overseas on the video-sharing platform. “Seasons,” their most popular release, now has over 60 thousand videos using the sound on the platform,...
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d4vd's Journey From Video Game Pro To Pop Star
What does it take to become the next big thing in music? For d4vd, all it took was his sister’s closet, Apple earphones and the drive to shrug off youtube’s copyright claims—a strange combo. Despite making music for only a little over a year, d4vd has...
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Australia's Indie "Woozy Guitar Pop" Band to Change the Music Scene; Vacations
Are you interested in expanding your indie rock playlist? Or are you looking for a new rock or pop band with a refreshing sound? Or do you want to know more about your favourite band, Vacations?  I dedicate this post to my favourite anglophone...
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The Modern Revival of Jazz Music By Laufey
Jazz is being actively reenvisioned by Icelandic-Chinese singer Laufey who aims to introduce a modern jazz era for the younger generation. Jazz music often caters to the interests of older individuals and is labelled as potentially uncool; Laufey is breaking...
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How an Artist Used TikTok to Blow Up His Music; Mons Vi, a Social Media Marketing Success
With over 1 billion monthly active users and 2.6 billion downloads, TikTok is among the fastest-growing social media platforms doubling as a marketing space. These statistics should be no surprise; we all know how popular TikTok has become with all crowds....
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