The New Korean Frank Ocean, DEAN

The Korean star, DEAN, has finally updated fans on the release of his long-awaited album seven years after his latest album was released and months after scaring fans by disappearing from Instagram.

Who is DEAN?

Hyuk Kwon, professionally known as DEAN, is a Korean singer, rapper, producer and songwriter that blew up in 2016 for mini album 130 Mood: TRBL.

DEAN’s music is often described as alternative R&B, landing him in the niche Korean “chillout” genre with artists like Crush. Since his debut, DEAN has gained Korean and international recognition with hit singles like “I’m Not Sorry” featuring Eric Bellinger and “Instagram”, amassing a strong follower base.

Often disappearing from the music scene for years at a time, DEAN leads a secretive life. As of April 2023, DEAN is on his longest musical break, his latest album being released seven years ago and his latest single being released over three years ago.

Updates On Album Release

In September of 2021, he would give fans some exciting news about his upcoming album, posting on his story a video of audio files belonging to his upcoming album; he would ask for fans to be patient with him as he and his team have been working tirelessly on this album since 2019.

That was over three years ago, and DEAN has only released one single since.

This January, DEAN would also deactivate his Instagram account, confusing fans and leaving them relying on the latest news from Korean paparazzi. DEAN would even be called the Frank Ocean of K-pop, disappearing after releasing hit songs and leaving fans wanting more.

Recent News of Album

On April 24th this year, Korean Artist DEAN ran into a fan, reassuring her that he was in the midst of preparing the release of his long-awaited album, deactivating his Instagram account to focus on the release.

DEAN contributes to this pandemic of outstanding artists who have left their fans waiting for new music for years. To fans old and new, keep waiting! He has shown his loyalty and commitment to his fans, and this release will surely be worth the wait.

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