Australia’s Indie “Woozy Guitar Pop” Band to Change the Music Scene; Vacations

Are you interested in expanding your indie rock playlist? Or are you looking for a new rock or pop band with a refreshing sound? Or do you want to know more about your favourite band, Vacations? 

I dedicate this post to my favourite anglophone rock band, Vacations, an indie rock/woozy guitar pop band from Newcastle, Australia, and an innovator in the rock scene. 

With viral songs like “Young” and “Telephones” trending on social media platforms like TikTok, the band has already gained relatively mainstream success. Still, they have yet to receive the public recognition they deserve. 

Who are Vacations?

Vacations are a band made of vocalist and guitarist Campell Burns, bassist Jake Johnson, lead guitarist Nate Delizzotti and drummer Joseph Van Lier.

Formed in 2015, the band debuted with EP “Days” and, three years later, released their debut studio album, “Changes.” The band has garnered an overseas fanbase in its early career days and is looking to do the same locally.

The band initially formed as a source of creative output for Burns’s songwriting and to experiment with his sound. The new members realized Burns’ vision when they joined the band. Consequently, Burns has recently taken to external sources of creativity, writing and producing for friends that grant him the freedom to experiment, which he will certainly bring back to Vacations sound.

In its fundamental form, the band is an indie operation, working with tight budgets and little support in producing their first album. In contrast, their recent album, “Forever In Bloom”, would instead have them work with outside producers at studios and have the backing of a record label.

Listeners Describe Their Music as a “Vibe”

Listeners describe their music as a fusion of indie rock and psych-pop. They create “vibey” music led by Burns’s strong vocals and a potent mix of “chorus-heavy guitars, bright bass, and jazz drumming.” 


how it feels to listen to #vacationsband

♬ Telephones – Vacations

How TikTok Trends Made Vacations Viral Hits

TikTok has been a prominent factor in the band’s growth. “Young” has seen massive exposure, with stars like Lizzo and the Backstreet Boys making TikToks with the band’s music. More recently, their song “Telephones” has blown up in videos that had a serious and often sad message.

The Inspiration Behind Their Unique Music

In an interview with Luna, Burns emphasizes his intent to “get more experimental with writing and production and discover new sounds.” Burns looks to producers like BJ Burton’s productions and Slyvia Massy for inspiration to break away from the norm.

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TPR Music Artist Spotlight – Interview: Vacations –

Why Should You Care?

The band is a pioneer of its genre, the lead, Burns, is always looking to improve and add to their music. Burns’s willingness to experiment with different sounds and elements allows the band to stay refreshing in the indie music scene. Having proven that they can succeed as an independent act, they are bound to improve after signing to a label.

If you like artists like Yot Club or Mac DeMarco, check Vacations out!

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