Korea’s Heartwarming Band Wave to Earth is the Band to Listen to This Summer

In typical TikTok fashion, a three-year-old song by the Korean indie band Wave to Earth finds mass success overseas on the video-sharing platform.

“Seasons,” their most popular release, now has over 60 thousand videos using the sound on the platform, bringing the band to social media fame. 

The romantic ballad, “Seasons,” resonated with a younger hopeless romantic audience on TikTok and was used in videos typically related to topics of love or heartbreak. The videos featured pictures of their partners, hearty love letters and even messages of heartbreak. TikTok’s lovesick audience had found a band that could capture their feelings and were eager to listen.



♬ seasons – wave to earth

It was through the TikTok algorithm that Wave to Earth stumbled to my for you page, where I found their soft lo-fi-esque sound reminiscent of the “Chill-Out” R&B genre with hints of jazz and a summer breeze.

This is not all to say that the band could not have found such success without TikTok; at its core, it is a talented and passionate group of artists who wish to spread their positive energy.

Who are Wave to Earth?

Wave to Earth currently consists of 3 members: Daniel Kim (guitar, vocal, songwriter), Shin Donggyu/Dong Q (drum), and Soonjong Cha/John Cha (bass). The band is also accomponied by session members Jo Jung-geun (keyboard) and Jeonmin (saxophone).

Originally consisting of only Shin and Kim, the band debuted in 2019 with the single “wave.” With the release of their first EP, “wave 0.01,” Cha joined as their bassist, completing their most popular lineup. They would release two EPs and five singles before they signed with Colde’s label Wavy Seoul. Together with Wavy Seoul, the band would release their debut full-length album, 0.1 flaws and all, a mix of an A side of their lighter and happier songs and a B side of a somber take on jazz.

Wave to Earth Combination of Jazz and Lo-fi

Wave to Earth is a Korean indie pop band that produces music inspired by lo-fi and jazz. With their music, they intend “to make people listen to our music in a relaxed, comfortable way.” Their combination of styles creates a dreamy ambience in their music that surrounds you like a warm, snug blanket. 

Getting lost in their soothing instrumentation and vocals creates the perfect opportunity to relive precious memories that often occur on sunny summer days. 

Behind their melodic sound are carefully orchestrated instrumentals by Cha and Shin, who often create funky basslines as jazz musicians. The final piece of their soft sound is Kim’s airy vocals that lightly hover over the instrumentals.

Why Should You Listen to Wave to Earth?

In a world where grim experiences consume music, books, movies and shows, Wave to Earth music gives us a break like sunshine on a cloudy day. The summer season has long started, and plan’s to go nowhere as the days get warmer and the breeze gets stronger; Wave to Earth is the perfect listen this summer.

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