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Kaytranada and Aminé Form the Duo Kaytraminé and Release Contender for “Album of the Summer”

Hip-hop producer Kaytranada and rapper Aminé form the duo Kaytraminé to release the “Album of the Summer.”

This collaboration of the famed producer and rapper has been a long time coming. The duo would first collaborate on Aminé ’s 2015 mixtape “Calling Brio,” where Kaytranada produced 3 of 10 tracks.

How the Duo Came to be

But how did the seemingly unknown rapper Aminé work with Kaytranada, a well-established producer?

Aminé and Kaytranada would have their first interaction when Aminé  released “Not at All” on SoundCloud in 2014, a remix of Kaytranada’s “At All.” Kaytranada would miraculously discover the remix and reach out to Aminé to show his appreciation. He would go on to cosign rapper Aminé and give him some beats, leading them to collaborate.

Aminé considered giving up on his music career at the time, but Kaytranada’s love would motivate him to continue. Aminé shows his appreciation for Kaytranada in several tweets where he exclaims that Kaytranada was the support he needed at the time: “who tf know where i’d be right now without that little push from kay that early in my career.”

Creative Process Behind Kaytraminé

In 2021, the duo would take to a new home in Malibu, California, locking themselves in together where they worked on their music daily. They would create music almost in shifts as Kaytranada would produce beats during the day so that Aminé could add his vocals later at night.

The two had to bring their all to the creative process to bring out the best of each other’s music. Kaytranada would reference various sources, such as Bollywood films, for samples to fulfill each track in the album and would take influence from other prominent rappers and jazz artists. The result is an album that Aminé claims gets the best side of both artists: “It has some of the best Kay beats that he’s ever made, and some of the best singing and rapping I’ve ever done.”

The album was released this Friday, May 19, featuring artists Snoop Dogg, Amaarae, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, and Pharrell Williams in a 33-minute, 11-song album.

After a thorough listen, it certainly has the makings of a solid contender for the 2023’s “Album of the Summer.”


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Artwork by Fisk Projects

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