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Mac DeMarco Releases 9 Hour Long Surprise Album With 199 Songs

On Friday, April 21st, Mac DeMarco, a Canadian singer-songwriter known for hits like “Chamber of Reflections” and “My Kind of Women”, released a 9-hour-long surprise album full of mostly demo and unreleased songs. The album comprised 199 songs written between 2018 and 2023, totalling 9 hours and 30 minutes.

What do the numbers assigned to each song mean?

Among the 199 songs, only a few have proper titles following the numbers. According to iHeart Radio, each song title corresponds to the date they were recorded on.

Why is the album named One Wayne G?

Pitchfork points out that the title is an homage to Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian hockey legend who sported the No. 99. DeMarco’s record label explicitly reference Gretzky in their latest Instagram stories, Gretzky who led DeMarco’s home city’s hockey team, The Edmonton Oilers, to several championships before DeMarco’s time.

Why release this album?

The release came as a surprise and may leave some asking why DeMarco made a seemingly unfinished and irregular album release. In response, why not? I’m loving it, and the fans are loving it; 9 hours worth of DeMarco’s unique sound is something to celebrate.

What songs from One Wayne G do you recommend?

As I slowly work through this new album, I suggest three songs I like the most: 20210217 Scarecrow, 20210714 and 20191010 No Doubt About It.

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