Clairo Goes Live At Electric Lady

Clairo has released Live At Electric Lady, an EP recorded at New York’s famed Electric Lady Studios, where other stars like Taylor Swift have recorded.

Claire Cottrill, professionally known as Clairo, describes the EP as a collection of her favourite songs. The EP features five songs, “Bags,” “Amoeba,” “Zinnias,” “Partridge,” and “Blouse,” from albums “Immunity” and “Sling”; the original versions totalling over 300 million streams on Spotify alone.

In these live recordings, we get to hear Clairo’s raw vocals and see firsthand the hard work she and her band put into performing these songs.

“Live At Electric Lady” will have been the first release where she was the leading artist since her album “Sling” in 2021, with the exception of the demo “For Now” released for The Gworls & Everytown for Gun Safety charity.

Clairo – Amoeba – Recorded At Electric Lady Studios

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