d4vd Debut EP, “Petals to Thorns,” Features Love and Heartbreak

On Friday, May 26, rising popstar d4vd released his debut EP, “Petals to Thorns,” through Darkroom/Interscope Records. The project features a melancholy collection of nine genre-bending songs, totalling 28 minutes of expertly told stories.

The EP includes previously released hit singles “Sleep Well,” “Here With Me,” “WORTHLESS,” “You and I,” “Dont Forget About Me,” and “Romantic Homocide,” big songs that have brought d4vd to stardom. 

“Petals to Thorns” Tracklist and Features

  • Sleep Well
  • Here With Me
  • This Is How It Feels (feat. Laufey)
  • Don’t Forget About Me
  • Backstreet Girl
  • You and I
  • Romantic Homicide
  • The Bridge

“Petals to Thorns” Review

This Is How It Feels (with Laufey)

“This Is How It Feels” is an enchanting ballad driven by Laufey’s modern jazz style supported by classical instrumental arrangements. 

The song features the back-and-forth storytelling of two artists known for their ability to capture stories of heartbreak and love in their songs. The two romantics come together as a duet to sing an elegant chorus describing how falling in love may feel.

So, this is how it feels
To fall in love with you
To always think of you
To always dream of you
Yes it hurts so much to fall in love with


D4vd shows off his ability to excel in any genre, adapting to Laufey’s Jazz style reminiscent of childhood fairytale movies.

Backstreet Girl

Another soothing love song that brings about wistful feelings in listeners. The song features a bedroom pop style with a dreamy guitar and laid–back vocals and captures a similar aesthetic as the hit single “Romantic Homicide.” If you’re a fan of the melancholic aesthetic and grainy bedroom pop love songs give “Backstreet Girl” a listen, youre bound to love it.

The Bridge

“The Bridge” closes the album with a pop-punk-esque song, showcasing d4vd genre-bending abilities. This piece boasts “heavy guitar riffs and palpable percussion” and is complemented by almost frustrated, heartbroken lyrics.

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