Vacations New Single “Midwest” Is A “Crying in the Club” Song

Australia’s global hit rock band, Vacations, returns with a song featuring “a crying in the club type beat,” a fan favourite mood. However, “Midwest” puts a twist to their downcast style, the frontman Campbell contrasts his statement about the new single: “a crying in the club type beat, but you’re with your friends, you’re moving on, and everything will be just fine.”

Their single “Midwest” was released Friday last week, two months after their latest single, “Next Exit.” “Next Exit” paints the perfect image of their unique style of what they refer to as “woozy-guitar pop.” Lead singer Campbell Burns and John Velasquez (Zella Day, Gatlin) produced both singles, delivering consistent sob-along songs.

Lead singer Campbell describes the creative process behind “Midwest”:

“I’d never directly written a break-up song till ‘Midwest,’ contrary to how people interpret my lyrics, it never felt right to me. My lyrics are usually ambiguous and non-gendered. This wasn’t a choice, it just happened to be a writing style that resonated with me. I enjoy having songs that are universally relatable and open to interpretation, this is pop music after all. Lately though, I’ve been writing about my memories and unravelling them in exact detail. Almost like therapy, except you’re all there in the room with me. Last year, I found myself in different situationships that were almost identical from each other. You’re trying to find a balance but ultimately it feels one-sided and falls apart without you even realising, because you’re still clinging onto the idea of it and trying to process what even happened. For me, every time I came home from tour, it’d be all over. It felt as if I was stuck in this cycle to the point where it became comical. My romantic life was a joke, and the duality between me at home vs. me on tour was further apart than ever. To take it back to our first single ‘Next Exit’ for a moment: ‘Can I trust what I Know? I know nothing”. So with that in mind, I wanted to write something upbeat and fun yet using lyrics I’d reserve for a ballad. A crying in the club type beat, but you’re with your friends, you’re moving on, and everything will be just fine.”

Campbell did just that, with a funky beat to nod your head to and lyrics fitting of a sentimental love song. “Midwest” is the perfect anthem for the heartbroken and lovestruck listeners who flock to Vacations’ melancholy music.

We’re starting at the finish line
Turn away, say otherwise
You’re always on my mind
‘Cause I miss you
As I don’t want you to go

The single’s release follows the announcement of their North American tour TOURZILLA with Australian band Last Dinosaurs.

Watch the official music video below:

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