“When We Were Younger,” A Powerful Homage to grentperez’s Youth

The 21-year-old Filipino-Australian artist grentperez released his long-anticipated EP “When We Were Younger” earlier this week. The EP comes months after Grant announced the project on April 25th.

After facing writer’s block, unable to achieve his creative potential, Grant cures his slowdown with this project. He attributes the track list to the feeling of nostalgia, an insight into a relatable past.

The Influence of Nostalgia and His Childhood

While writing the EP Grant recalls a nostalgic past of friendships strengthened by riding bikes in the neighbourhood and his time spent alone playing the Xbox 360. He dives deep into a childhood full of contrasting feelings and then channels his nostalgia for his carefree past into the EP. 

In an interview with Happy, Grant describes the creative process behind the EP: “We would have these super wholesome outdoor writing sessions as we were putting the project together… Connecting with what I remember as a really lovely childhood grounds me in the real world and keeps me thinking of the important friends and family in my life. It keeps me from getting ahead of myself.”

Genre/Style of grentperez’s “When We Were Younger”

 “When We Were Younger” features diverse creative influences from some of Grant’s favourite musical styles and eras. The list includes bossa nova, Philadelphia soul, feel-good 90s romantic comedies soundtracks and lastly, Hollywood’s infamous golden era, making this EP his most diverse release yet.

In an interview with Junkee, the alternative singer discusses his battle against the genre fluidity of his music, losing credibility when he captures a different style. Despite this, Grant decides to “screw it, full send” and make music as he likes, leaving his problems for another day.

“When We Were Younger” Album Review

When We Were Younger/When We Were Younger(Intro) – Track 1

The EP starts with a distorted guitar single with percussion, turning the melody into a wild-west standoff.

Back when we were younger
And our dreams were unexplored
We just needed each other
Couldn’t ever ask for more
Oh, nobody had flaws
And nothing had a cause
When we were younger (Mhm)


The chorus perfectly captures the EP’s nostalgic sentiment. Lyrics that bring you back to a carefree time when friends were the most important thing, and the future was a distant concern. The first track sets the attitude for the rest of the EP and tells you this is an homage to intimate childhood memories.

Old With you – Track 4

A melodic love song that plays on the same message of youth and nostalgia through a narrative about growing old. However, instead of reminiscing on nostalgic memories, he sings about maintaining the youthful vigour he loves as he ages.

“‘Old With You’ is a song about living a life that retains its youthful days even after the test of time. “If I ever grow old” is a funny line to me. Growing up is inevitable, but it conveys the message of always having that youthful mentality. Either way, if you were to ever grow old, at least you’ve got someone by your side.”


This track stays true to his indie pop core with a catchy and memorable melody led by a soft and fuzzy guitar. Grant’s delicate voice accompanies the tune, showing off his technicality through beautiful ad-lib-like vibratos.

“Old With You” reminds you that Grant is an upbeat artist who sings and plays like sunshine and rainbows on a hot summer day.

For many fans, “Old With You” is a long-anticipated release, first previewed by Grant in March of last year and played live on tour last year.

When The Day Is Done – Track 7

The EP concludes with a Jazz-funk grentperez classic. The track compiles a beachy and jazz-like guitar assortment and a jumpy bassline for a more funky than-usual melody.

Once again, this song plays on similar tropes of time but through the perspective of family.

“I wrote ‘When The Day Is Done’ trying to create a timeless classic that the whole family can listen to, or as my dad would say “The song I can dance to”. This track embodies the line ‘there’s no place like home’ stating that when all is said and done, I just want to get back home and that feeling of family having your back no matter where you are lingers throughout the song.”


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